Building a Strong Bond with Your Pet

Pets are amazing animals. They make us happy; they also make us healthier, and we do the same for them. There seems to be a reciprocal healing relationship between pets and humans, especially when they share a deep bond, “says Katenna Jones, an animal behaviorist at American Humane. Pets need to play for physical, emotional, and mental stimulation, and it’s awesome for building a strong bond with your pet.

The Therapeutic Value of pets

In the past decade, studies have repeatedly found that contact with dogs and cats strengthens our immune systems, lowers blood pressure, encourages exercise, improves self-esteem, and reduces stress and depression. It also decreases our risk of heart disease, helps children build defenses against allergies and asthma, and improves physical and psychological well-being in seniors. Please read more about the emotional benefits of pets in my article making your dog an emotional support animal.

And there are ways to repay the favor. Stroking animals can lower their blood pressure, lessen anxiety, and trigger neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. “These chemicals are key to pain relief, motivation, and emotion, and promote feelings of safety and contentment,” Jones says. What better way of building a strong bond with your pet?

Daily Doses of Bonding Goes a Long Way

Your pet must directly associate an activity with you to feel a strong bonding connection. Household play with a ball or little fetch in the back yard or a park does the trick. When you feed your pet a treat or groom your pet, you create a bond with them. I have found that is a great place to get all your pet bonding supplies.

When you play with your pet, p give them your undivided attention or talk to them in warm, soothing tones. You are building a strong bond with your pet. Cats love to play with string & laser pointers. Dogs love chasing a ball & fetching. Those are both easy ways to create a long, lasting bond with your pet. It is also important once your bond is made with your pet that you look for signs of separation anxiety when you leave your pet for extended periods of time. Here is how to help with separation anxiety.