Let Me Be Your Pet Consultant.

Hello, this is Franco Campanello, the CEO of pet lovers Newsletter. Let me be your pet consultant. I wanted to write this article solely to ask my fellow pet lovers some proactive questions to help me and help them. That is why I created the Pet Lovers Newsletter in the 1st place because I love pets, and a great number of my friends also love their pets. I wanted to provide a one-stop place for pet lovers & owners to get information on caring for their pets. Also, provide a place to purchase products they need to continue to provide care for their furry family members. This will save you valuable time without having to search all over the internet to find what you needed. In other words, let me be your pet consultant.

My Credentials Are Experience

So by now, you must be asking yourself, why should I listen to this guy? What credentials does he have? Does he train animals? Is he a Veterinarian? What makes him an expert? why should I let him be my pet consultant? The simple answer is I have over 50 years of experience owning & caring for every animal imaginable. I have never lost a pet under my care due to negligence or abuse. In my earlier years, I had a few pets get sick & die. Most of which were beyond my ability to cure them. one of my cats had an undetected tumor. My other cat developed Feline Leukemia. Until then, I didn’t even know Feline Leukemia existed. Now I know. Chalk that up to experience. That is just one example of how my many years of pet ownership has added to my experience & what qualifies me as a pet expert. Just about any situation, circumstance, or problem you can imagine regarding pets I have experienced & had to deal with. as a result, I have a plethora of knowledge.

What Does Your Pet Need?

Up until now, I have written about many of the basic topics involving pets. I have covered basic subjects like food, pet training, separation anxiety, etc… Now that you know my experience, I want to ask you some questions to my fellow pet lovers. What would you like to read about or know about pet ownership? Are there any problems you are running into that you cannot find the answers to? are there any pet products or toys you cannot locate? I want to be your pet consultant! Please write to me here at & I will do my best to research for you & respond to you within 24 hours. So what will you do? Will you waste valuable time searching the internet for your pet questions, or will you let me do the work for you?