The Best Nutrition for Your Dog

The Truth About What We Feed Our Dogs

Most veterinarians will say, “It’s my life’s work to make sure that your pets are as healthy as possible.” Unfortunately, we see an increasing number of health issues for our dogs, particularly as they age. Digestive issues, joint problems, obesity, diabetes, and higher cancer rates. This article will look at the best nutrition for your dog.

Whether your dog is young, old, healthy, or already experiencing some issues, there is good news!  There are steps you can take to reduce the risk of your dog becoming one of these statistics.

That’s because the single most important thing you can do for your dog’s health is PROPER NUTRITION.

A recent scientific study was done on dogs that ate the right kind of vegetables.   These dogs were eating the right kinds of vegetables at least 3 times per week. Those dogs had a 70% to 90% lower risk of developing cancer than the other dogs that ate fewer vegetables?

The Limits of Commercial Dog Food

Most people think that the so-called ‘premium’ commercial dog food will provide all the nutrition for their dogs. Unfortunately, that’s not true.

The problem is that manufacturers design their dog food to have at least two years of shelf life. To do that, the manufacturers use a very high temperature. High pressure-cooking processes, unfortunately, introduces some potentially harmful elements to the food. This includes advanced glycation end products. Advanced glycation end products can cause inflammation and can create all sorts of problems with your dog. Problems like itching, joint discomfort, allergies, bad gas, issues with their stool. What’s worse is they are linked to arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

Manufacturers also add preservatives to make food last longer, but some of those preservatives can cause health issues themselves.

In addition to introducing these potentially harmful elements, the high temperature, the high pressure-cooking process is essentially ‘cooking out’ the best nutrition supposedly in the food.

For example, Vitamin D gets a lot of attention within the medical community. This is because it’s important for a dog’s heart, bones, and other systems.  Also, Vitamin D may even reduce the risk of canine cancer. But roughly 75% of dogs don’t get sufficient vitamin D! That statistic is even scarier when you consider about half of all dogs over the age of 10 to get cancer!

If your dog eats mostly commercial dog food, there’s a good chance your dog isn’t getting other important nutrients. Dogs need omega-3s, polysaccharides, enzymes, and antioxidants. These are important for a dog’s coat and skin, immune system, cardiovascular system, and much more.

How I Learned About The Best Nutrition – The Hard Way

I learned about the importance of nutrition early on in my career, not long after graduating from veterinary school. At the time, my dog was a big German Shepherd named Sunny, who was always cheerful and high energy.

One day, when Sunny was only a few years old, she got sick. At first, I thought it was a virus, but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. She wouldn’t eat, and as the days went by, she got weaker and weaker.

I was devastated. After all this medical training, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my own dog! I swallowed my pride and asked several of my most experienced professors from veterinary school to examine Sunny. To my surprise, they were stumped too.

My beloved dog was on the verge of dying. One night, I broke down. I held Sunny in my arms, and I cried. I’d helped so many dogs get better in my veterinary practice. So why couldn’t I help my own dog? This cheerful, loving companion who had been by my side since she was a puppy…

As a last resort, I called up a doctor who’d spoken to my class once in veterinary school. He wasn’t a veterinarian. Rather, he was an expert in traditional Chinese medicine. He treated animals using techniques that were first developed hundreds of years ago. Long before the invention of x-rays and antibiotics and other modern medicine. Most of the students didn’t pay much attention to him, and frankly, I didn’t either at the time. However, now I was at my wit’s end, and I was willing to try anything that might help Sunny.

Fortunately, the Chinese doctor agreed to examine Sunny, and after he did, he prepared a special mixture of herbs and nutrients.

 A Happy Ending

Sunny was so weak she could barely swallow the mixture at first. But I gave it to her every morning and night, and much to my amazement, Sunny started to improve. Her energy came back, and she began eating again. Within a couple of weeks, she was running to the door to greet me and kiss me as she had before.

I brought Sunny back into the clinic, and my colleagues were stunned by how healthy she looked after she’d been so sick just days before. Having my beautiful Sunny restored to health, after almost losing her, brought tears to my eyes.

I found Chinese doctor hadn’t done this by giving Sunny a bunch of pills — he’d done it by changing her nutritional intake.

After that experience, I vowed to learn everything I possibly could about nutrition for my dog. That was over a decade ago. Since then, I’ve spent years learning about canine nutrition, including the discoveries we’ve made in Western science and Sunny’s traditional medicine.

I’ve seen the short-term and long-term effects of dog nutrition on literally thousands of dogs.

I don’t want any dog owner to suffer the fear and worry I experienced when Sunny got sick. So many problems can often be prevented with a healthier diet.

Introducing Radiant Canine

So, the key question is, what’s the best way to improve a dog’s nutrition?

That’s the challenge we set out to solve here at Canine Sciences. Our team of veterinarians, scientists, and dog lovers wanted to combine all of our experience & recent scientific research into canine nutrition and health. We wanted to solve these dog nutrition issues that affect so many dogs.

Homemade dog food is great, but it takes a lot of effort & time. Our idea was to develop a healthy ‘super supplement’ that you can add to your dog’s diet, and that contains all of the essential nutrients your dog needs.

We spent many months developing and refining this product. It’s called Radiant Canine, and it’s an amazing blend of over 45 ingredients.  We included everything we know about how to optimize a dog’s diet and health. You just sprinkle some on your dog’s food, and because we’ve given it a delicious bacon flavor, your dog will love eating it!

With all of the best nutrition we packed into this formula, we could have created several different products. One product is designed to improve your dog’s coat and skin health.  Another to support healthy joints.  The third one for digestive health and the 4th, providing a mix of vitamins and minerals.

We decided to do something different. We developed something that would make it as easy as possible for every dog to get the right nutrients to help with all of these areas of health. Instead of four or five different products, we wanted Radian Canine to be a single, comprehensive nutritional supplement. The result is the most comprehensive canine nutritional product available, bar none.

This is the first Full-Spectrum Canine Nutritional Supplement for your dog on the market. We like to say that if your dog were a nutritional scientist, this is what he or she would ask for.

Research-Based Ingredients

Every ingredient in Radiant Canine is selected based on extensive research into nutrition and our dogs’ health. We started with extracts from superfoods packed with nutrition – things like kelp and flaxseed – that are great for dogs. We’ve included fish oil, which is rich in omega-3s. Omega-3s have been shown to provide many benefits, such as improved coat and skin. Not to mention reduced inflammation, improved cognitive function, lower blood pressure, and even alleviation of joint pain

And we included digestive enzymes, including four probiotic strains, four digestive enzymes, and one prebiotic. These help dogs break down their food, to support proper digestion and a healthy immune system. If your dog ever has bad breath or mushy or very stinky poop, you should know that these are classic signs of gastrointestinal issues. I see this all the time in my clinic, and a blend of probiotics and enzymes can help.

Joint pain is another common issue we see in adult dogs. Many older dogs still want to be playful, but they don’t run around as much as they used to because it’s too painful for them. If your dog is limping a bit, or just not moving as well as they once did, their joints may be the underlying cause. So, we’ve included two powerful joint compounds, plus four protein building blocks.

And we’ve included a carefully selected array of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. For example, I mentioned earlier how 75% of dogs don’t have sufficient vitamin D.  So Radiant Canine is designed to solve that deficiency and many other shortcomings in most dogs’ diets.

I have seen firsthand that dogs who get optimal nutrition have healthier skin and coats. They have better-smelling breath and stool, are in overall better health, and just seem younger and happier.

Our Unmatched Guarantee

We are so confident that you and your dog will love Radiant Canine, that we back every jar with a 90-day, better than 100% money-back guarantee.

That means you can try it completely risk-free, and if you do not see the benefits, just send the jars back for a full, no-hassle, refund.

But our guarantee is even better than that.

As a company, we are totally committed to the health and well-being of dogs everywhere. So with every purchase of Radiant Canine, we donate to feed shelter dogs. We want our customers to know that they are helping their dogs, but other dogs, including dogs who are much less fortunate than our own.

If you try Radiant Canine and you’re not thrilled with the product, we will still make a donation to feed shelter dogs based on your purchase. We will also refund 100% of what you paid. That’s how much we believe in our cause and our product.

As a veterinarian, I’ve spent many years, and I will spend more on improving our pets’ health. I have never endorsed or promoted a product before. If I didn’t believe strongly in the importance of nutrition or the ability of Radiant Canine to help dogs thrive truly, I wouldn’t be doing this now.

I think of Radiant Canine as a well-deserved gift for my dogs. We know our dogs would do almost anything for us, and it feels so good when we know we’re doing a good thing for them.

So please try our product, completely risk-free. You’ll be glad you did.

I wish you and your dogs the best of health and happiness!

Dr. Edward Tuk

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 Every order provides meals for shelter dogs!

Source: Dr. Edward Tuk